New public transportation makes southern Florida more accessible

When people think of visiting Florida, they generally divide the state into sections using big cities as their defining points - Jacksonville to the north, Tampa to the west, Miami to the south and Orlando in the center of it all. Residents of these cities will tell you that if you don't have a car, travelling between these metropolitan areas can be fairly time-consuming. However, the owners of homes for sale in Orlando are in luck - a proposed $1 billion project could directly link Orlando with Miami via a private train.

The Orlando Sentinel reported a Coral Gables company is currently determining the feasibility of the proposed train, and expects to make a final decision this summer. If approved, Florida East Coast Industries could begin construction within the year.

Currently, the only train lines that exist between the two cities is the Amtrak Silver Star or Silver Meteor. Tickets range from approximately $40 to $60, and the journey can take anywhere from 5 to more than 7 hours to complete. According to the news source, the travel time of the new train is projected at approximately three hours and two minutes, much faster than the current Amtrak line. This would make a weekend or day trip to the Miami beaches much more feasible.