International office product supplier to make move to Orlando

Florida boasts a reputation for its tourism and leisure industries, and these may prompt buyers to consider purchasing homes for sale in Orlando, FL. However, a recent investment by a major office product provider could improve both the local economy and real estate market.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, contractors will begin work on a new industrial facility for DadePaper Company in May 2012. DadePaper, a supplier of paper, plastics and other products to companies in the United States, Canada and the Carribbean, is one of several companies that has recently looked to take their operations to the city, the news source notes.

This move may draw more people to the city as contractors begin work on the project. The Orlando Business Journal reports that construction of the 150,000 square-foot facility could create 300 temporary construction jobs, which may help stimulate local employment.

The city's unemployment rate was 9 percent in February 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and temporary employment could help improve the city's construction industry. Additionally, DadePaper's new distribution center could attract more full-time workers.

New businesses may consider moving to the area if the unemployment rate shrinks, and this could positively impact the housing market. People might be more likely to buy a home if they work in or near the city, and low interest rates from many lenders makes the present time a perfect opportunity to acquire property.