Family-friendly activities in Orlando

Orlando is well-known for its wide variety of family-friendly activities. After all, the city is home to some of the greatest amusement parks in the United States, with Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld all located in the greater metro area. However, the buyers of houses for sale in Orlando are not limited to these three parks - there are a number of ways families can spend time together in this central Florida community.

Titanic: The Experience

The Titanic was one of the most tragic seafaring events in modern history, and much attention has been given to the circumstances surrounding this prolific ship. Residents of Orlando can bring their children to 7324 International Drive to learn all about period culture and the events that eventually led to the sinking of the boat.

The 17-gallery museum features detailed recreations of the interior of the ship, including the grand staircase and promenade deck. In addition, there are plenty of actual relics and artifacts on display that were recovered from the wreckage at the bottom of the Atlantic. Tickets for children aged 3-11 are $12.95 each, while kids under the age of 2 enter for free. Adult tickets are $21.95 each.

Pirates Dinner

If you like to have a little fun while you eat, check out the Pirate's Dinner Adventure, located at 6400 Carrier Drive. Taking a page from establishments like Medieval Times, the restaurant offers Caribbean-style cuisine along with pirate-themed comedy and theater.

The entire restaurant operates out of a replica of an 18th-century Spanish galleon, and the boat actually floats on a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon. Audience members are seated in six surrounding ships, and over the course of a night they are treated to stunts, explosions and more. The act is appropriate for children of all ages, making it a great way to spend a weekend evening.

World Bowling Center

If you love to bowl, take a drive to the World Bowling Center at 7540 Canada Avenue. Parking is free, and the money you save from this can go toward the low per-game cost of $3. Children under the age of 7 are eligible for the bumper system, which ensures that everyone is a winner. This is the perfect venue for birthday parties or other celebrations that involve a large number of children.