Design a unique outdoor space in Orlando

After purchasing one of the homes for sale in Orlando, you may want to consider updating key areas on the property to increase your enjoyment. With summer in full swing, designing a unique outdoor space, complete with a deck or patio, can encourage you to go outside and take in the sunshine.

The average cost of a composite deck addition in Orlando from 2011 to 2012 was $14,845, Remodeling Magazine reports. This is less than the average for the South Atlantic region of $14,893 and the national rate for 2011 of $15,579.

If you’re a fan of wood decks, you are in luck - the natural material is more affordable than its composite counterpart. A wood deck addition’s average cost is $9,201 in Orlando. Consequently, the feature gets more expensive if you pursue options outside the city. The average price of a wood deck in the South Atlantic region was $9,493, while it was $10,350 for the nation in 2011.

Considering adding a deck to your Orlando home and have fun taking in vitamin D this summer.