Would you buy a haunted house in Orange County?

Are you a fan of Halloween? The spooky splendor of October entices many people to dress in costume, decorate their home and watch plenty of horror films. However, for those who are diehard fans of the season, those actions may not be enough.

If you're in love with everything haunted, the fascination may become one of the qualities you look for in a home. Housingwire Magazine reports that at least 32 percent of potential homebuyers would consider purchasing a haunted house or property suspected of paranormal activity. You may find real estate in Orange County that qualifies as a paranormal property if you're intrigued by the idea of owning a haunted house.

But, what counts as a haunted property?

Lawyer and college professor Steven J.J. Weisman, who teaches about paranormal disclosures at Bentley University, has said that "haunted properties fall within the category of stigmatized properties, or real estate that is not defective in any physical manner, but due to psychological or emotional factors may have a reduced value. Among the situations covered under the title of stigmatized is a property that was the site of a murder, suicide, alleged haunting, or other parapsychological phenomenon."

While a decent portion of potential homebuyers would consider buying a property suspected of paranormal activity, about 29 percent claim that the rumors would require a housing price discount of at least 20 percent. Housingwire Magazine reports that another 2 percent of homebuyers would pay more than the asking price to own a haunted house. About 35 percent of potential property buyers are against the idea of buying a spook-filled home.

Haunted happenings in Orange County
Even if you are not a fan of the idea of purchasing a haunted property, there are plenty of spooky activities taking place in the greater Orange County area for you to participate in during October. Get your frights in by attending the Cemetery of Lost Souls haunted house. This event is hosted by the United Studios of Yorba Linda at the USSD Martial Arts Studio. Food, games, laser tag and a bouncy house will also be available.

Check out the seasonal spooky fun available in Orange County if you're a fan of Halloween.