Which Orange County neighborhoods did well in March 2012?

A potential homebuyer looking for an affordable property can search the MLS listings in Orange County for houses that have greatly increased in value. Many of the communities that underwent a drastic increase in sales price were in some of the top-tiered neighborhoods with still-significant sticker prices.

Here are three neighborhoods in Orange County that increased in price the most in March 2012, according to DataQuick.

1. Yorba Linda. Check out the middle-class neighborhood of Yorba Linda, ZIP code 92887, to find an upper-middle class property. The median home sales price for this community is $585,000 in March 2012. This was a 58.1 percent increased in price for the area.

2. Newport Beach. This glitzy area of Orange County is known for housing multi-million dollar homes. The ZIP code 92663 had an average selling price of $717,500 in March, which was increased 42.4 percent.

3. Laguna Beach. The ZIP code 92651 had a median selling price of $1,350,000 in March. However, this million-dollar community underwent a 37.4 percent increased in value.