Spotlight on Corona del Mar in Orange County

There are few places more stunning in the Golden State than Corona del Mar. As soon as you arrive in the seaside community, you know you are in a land of luxury simply from the impeccable landscaping that seems to adorn every home, restaurant and business and the happy, carefree appearance of many of the locals. Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life should consider this community when searching for homes for sale in Orange County.

Located in Newport Beach, about 45 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, this is one area you don't want to miss while looking for your perfect Southern California home. This Orange County community should not be confused with the Corona del Mar about an hour north, near Santa Monica.

The name is Spanish for "Crown of the Sea" and this affluent neighborhood certainly lives up to the hype, with its pristine beaches and gorgeous weather. If life wasn't good enough in Corona del Mar already, all of the streets are named after flowers and run alphabetically from Acacia to Poppy, beginning at Avocado Avenue.

There is a variety of residential properties in the area including single family homes and condos. According to DQ News, the area's median home sale price in 2011 was $1,383,250, up 1.31 percent from the previous year.