South County has the four fastest-selling towns in the OC

Finding the home of your dreams among the houses for sale in Orange County may not prove to be too difficult. After all, this is one of the most highly sought-after areas to live in the country, let alone in Southern California. However, the more challenging aspect of buying a home in the OC is closing before another buyer can beat you to the punch, as the market-time for homes around the county are continuing to decrease.

This is especially the case in South County. According to the Orange County Register, the hardest place to find a home for sale is South County as the region is home to the four fastest-selling towns, or the towns with the shortest market-time. Market-time is measured in the biweekly OC home inventory report from that tracks the supply of homes compared to new purchase deals.

South County is a sort of figurative term that residents sometimes use to differentiate the southeast portion Orange County from the northwest portion. It is often considered a cultural and demographic distinction between the older portion of the OC located closer to Los Angeles in the north and the more recently developed areas in the south.

The data from the publication reveals that the South Orange County town with the fastest selling homes in terms of market-time is Portola Hills. In this community, it only takes 0.3 months, theoretically, to sell all for-sale homes at the current buying pace, states the news outlet. Located between Foothill Ranch and Rancho Santa Margarita, Portola Hills is a popular place to live among people with families and it boasts a variety of stores, restaurants and theaters.

The next fastest city was Rancho Santa Margarita with a market-time of 0.4 months. This is a stunning area to live in that sits on 12.3 square miles in Orange County. It is a community-centered city with a variety of events and festivals that take place each year, attracting residents and visitors alike.

Next on the list of cities where homes are flying off the market is Aliso Viego where the market-time is 0.6 months. Here residents can enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, attractive neighborhoods and award-winning schools. This master planned community was developed to offer an appealing balance of residential neighborhoods, community parks, businesses and retailers.

Finally, Foothill Ranch brings up the rear for the top fastest OC markets. The current market-time in this community is 0.65 months. This is a popular place to live and visit because of its close proximity to peaceful wilderness, as well as the premier entertainment options in Orange County.