Newport Beach versus Huntington Beach

When looking at homes for sale in Orange County, you may be unsure of whether you would like to live in Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. Since they are neighboring seaside towns, it can be difficult to determine what distinguishes one from the other. However, there are some factors you may want to consider when choosing which community may have your perfect home.

Both the City of Newport Beach and City of Huntington Beach are located in Orange County. Huntington is approximately six miles north of Newport and both are situated along the coast of the pristine Pacific Ocean. Abundant recreational activities are also offered in each location including golf, outdoor parks, trails and miles of spacious, sandy beaches.

Meanwhile, for elegant dining and shopping, Newport Beach is the premier destination in Orange County. Some might consider Huntington to have a more relaxed vibe, whereas Newport thrives as an upscale community. Due to the fact that Newport is so well-known, it attracts millions of visitors each year, sometimes resulting in crowded beaches and restaurants. Homebuyers hoping for a more mellow experience might prefer Huntington for this reason.

Of course, home prices should also be considered when searching for a new home. According to DQ News, in March 2012, the median home sale price in Huntington Beach was $531,500, significantly less than in Newport Beach where the median home sale price was $1,354,875.