Laguna Beach is named most-improved Orange County market

Laguna Beach has claimed the top spot on the The Orange County Register's list of 10 Most-Improved O.C. Home Markets, according to the math of ReportsOnHousing. The publication explains it's a good time to sell in this chic, coastal town because home inventory is down and houses for sale in Orange County, particularly in Laguna, are being snatched up by buyers faster than seen in some time.

During April 2011, homes were on the market for an average of 356 days, reports the news outlet. However, as of April 26, 2012, the average house was on the market for 193 days. This is fortunate for anyone hoping to sell a home in the area as it means sellers will have more leverage over buyers and are more likely to get at or above asking price.

In terms of purchasing a home in Laguna Beach, homebuyers may want to put in an offer right away if they find a home they love. Otherwise, consider waiting out this dip in inventory as local real experts explain more houses are expected to go on sale throughout the spring and summer.