Home décor trends in Orange County

After purchasing one of the homes for sale in Orange County, you may have to hire a remodeling contractor or an interior decorator to get the property outfitted the way you want it.

The Orange County area features professionals that can help you make a house a home. For example, the community of South Coast Collection or SOCO is about to add a high-quality home décor retailer to its address book. The Orange County Register reports that Design Within Reach will soon open a 20,000-square-foot showroom in November 2012 at the Costa Mesa shopping center.

The flagship store is not the only new home décor retailer to enter the shopping center. Surfas Culinary District, Rolling Greens and Scalamandre are all home-centric brands that will soon open locations next to Design Within Reach. The addition of upscale home-furnishings and décor showrooms in SOCO will attract local residents in Orange County to peruse various offerings.

"The most successful thing for furniture and décor stores is to have several of them in a row," Jerry Epperson, managing director of Mann, Armistead & Epperson told the news source, "because shoppers who are going to one will go to see the others to see if there's something a little better."

Here are three popular home trends:

1. Open floor plan. A wide open floor plan allows a family to remain together while doing separate activities. One person can be in the kitchen making dinner, while another is in the dining area helping a child with his or her homework.

2. Large windows. Invite the sunshine into your home with large windows placed strategically around the house to take advantage of the various positions of the sun throughout the day. Floor-to-ceiling windows can allow the outside in - just make sure to use the proper drapes to block the view inside when appropriate.

3. Repurposed pieces. The do-it-yourself trend has encouraged local retailers to carry pieces that appear as if they were repurposed. The sleek, clean lines of modern furniture have lost their appeal, and many homeowners look for a more bohemian, shabby chic look. Many homeowners are now mixing new and refurbished pieces within a home's interior design.