Consider a luxury home in Orange County

Homebuyers with an interest in luxury might want to purchase one of the houses for sale in Orange County. Those looking to experience the good life may find that a property in Orange County may provide them with a great way to go about finding it.

According to housing market analytics firm DataQuick, the median price for a home in Orange County in April 2012 was $420,000. This represents a 2.3 percent decrease from last year, when the median price was $430,000.

However, these figures are practically nothing by comparison to the recent purchase price of one home in the area. According to the Orange County Business Journal, a Japanese newspaper publisher is currently under contract to buy the most expensive house built in Orange County during the past decade - for a final price tag of $19.4 million. The property was listed for $57 million at one point.

Toshiaki Ogasawara won the auction for 1 Pelican Hill Road North – a 16,600-square-foot mansion in the community of Newport Coast. The news source claims that the all-cash deal should be complete by the end of June.

Whether people are buying a multi-million dollar mansion or are more interested in a half-a-million dollar property, Orange County can provide them with the luxury homes they desire.