Open House Data Now in More Cities

We recently added open house data to our website, so you can power up your home search and make a plan for seeing homes on the weekend this spring. We now have open house data for an additional six areas:

Here’s an example of how you can make use of the open house data in combination with our other awesome home buying tools to supercharge your home search.

Start by searching for open houses in your area or city.

We recently re-entered the Jacksonville real estate market with our new partner brokerage, Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty. Now, people searching for homes for sale in Florida can use our website to search for homes, especially homes that are having open houses soon.

To view only open houses, select “Show Only” under the search options. If you want a step-by-step guide, see our earlier post on how to access open house data. Here the map shows all open houses coming up in the Jacksonville area.


Narrow down your search by outlining the areas you’re looking.

It’s no secret I love our polygon search tool. You can use it to draw a shape around just the areas you’re searching. The shape can be as detailed, small, or large as you like!

For this example, I contoured the Florida beach areas between the 202 and the Naval Station at Mayport and along sections of the 295 and 95 interstate highways. Perhaps I have job in southeast Jacksonville and want to live near a major highway, but I’m also willing to look closer to the beaches.

It’s a lot easier to look at open houses in this view, isn’t it? I find it much more manageable and easier to zoom on the exact neighborhoods I’m considering.


Highlight neighborhoods to plan your visits strategically.

We covered how to display neighborhoods in the polygon post, but if you need a refresher, you can find the neighborhood option on the Map Options that pop up on the bottom right of the map view. When you select this option, neighborhood boundaries and names will pop up to give you a better sense of the local communities you’re searching in.

If I were planning to see some homes in Jacksonville, I’d definitely be checking out the Beach Haven neighborhood. Since I have a few matches there, I might even read up on that community and see what I think of the surrounding area. I could also plan to see the homes in Girvin after lunch if I wanted to check out another neighborhood.

We hope you enjoy using these tools to plan your trips to open houses. If you have any questions about specific listings or neighborhoods or want a professional opinion, get in touch with your agent – they’d love to go see a home with you (and if you go this weekend, you still have time to be entered into Drop in and Win)!

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