NFL Super Bowl XLVII - The Harbaugh Brothers (Super Bowl Stars with Super Sized Homes)

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, we thought it'd be fun to bring you a post about the homes and neighborhoods of the two biggest stars in this year's Super Bowl!

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It seems that the limelight of the Super Bowl this year is on the head coaches, more so than the actual players of the game.  The head coaches, who just happen to be the first pair of brothers in NFL history to go head to head in the Super Bowl, is causing quite a buzz!

Born in Toledo, Ohio to a father who was also a college football coach, the Harbaugh brothers grew up surrounded by the game only to part ways to lead two powerful NFL teams- with Jim Harbaugh heading the San Francisco 49ers in California and John Harbaugh leading the Baltimore Ravens in Maryland.

Today, the Harbaugh brothers are living comfortably in their respective states. Let's take a look!

Jim Harbaugh (Head Coach for the San Francisco 49ers)


Jim Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback, is now heading the San Francisco 49ers into the 47th Super Bowl! Jim Harbaugh has long been a local celebrity in the Palo Alto area. This Harbaugh brother moved up to Stanford to coach the University's football team from 2007 to 2010 before he was hired by the 49ers as their head coach in 2011. Jim Harbaugh is said to be living in this 6,127 square foot customized property on 1.3 acres of land.

Jim Harbaugh's house in Atherton, CA

 Jim Harbaugh's House - beautifully landscaped yard with pool

After decades of service in the NFL, Jim Harbaugh has settled down in one of the most affluent cities in the U.S. Forbes has named Atherton's zip code the second most expensive zip code (the median home price is over $4 million dollars!).    

John Harbaugh (Head Coach for the Baltimore Ravens)

John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, was first hired into the National Football League by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1998 and started as one of the assistant coaches on the team. Eventually, in 2007, John Harbaugh became the Eagle's defensive-backs coach. It wasn't until 2008 that Harbaugh was brought on by the Baltimore Ravens to be its head coach.

Now that he's with the Ravens, John Harbaugh is enjoying life in Baltimore, Maryland. Check out what John Harbaugh has to say about his city.