Williamsburg still hottest emerging community in the Big Apple

When you look at real estate in New York, NY, you want to find a great deal, and some of the emerging neighborhoods in the metro area may have exactly the type of property you need. Recently, NY Daily News published an article that highlights the top 10 neighborhoods in the Big Apple that may be worthwhile to invest in. The top destination was Williamsburg, and its affordable housing could lure even the most fickle buyers into the marketplace.

The news source cites properties available in East Williamsburg for as low as $365,000, and closer to Lorimer and Metropolitan Streets, the publication highlights a $500,000 two-bedroom. Additionally, the news source predicts the area could increase in value by 40 percent by 2015.

According to ZipDataMaps, the average real estate sale price in Williamsburg is $615,489, but many sellers are asking for an average of $1,182,937. Therefore, you might want to claim property today as a lucrative investment opportunity, as your property may come with a significant profit attached by 2015. Consider moving to Williamsburg for its close proximity to the waterfront, its hard-to-tame nightlife and the community's hip eateries positioned all over town.