Visit NYC's oldest saloon

Some things never change. As long as America has existed, there has been a lively tavern life filled with convivial places to enjoy a cold pint and trade tales and jokes. Luckily, for people who buy one of the houses for sale in New York, NY, this is especially true - the city is home to one of the oldest, most revered bars in the country.

McSorley's Old Ale House, found at 15 East 7th Street and going strong since 1854, is the Big Apple's oldest continuously operated saloon. Over that time, the people passing by the tavern's windows may have changed considerably - from war heroes, to flappers, to advertising executives, to folk singers, to Wall Street businessmen - but the bar itself has evolved little. And that's the way its patrons like it.

This ale house's floor is still rough and covered with sawdust. Its drinks still come in two varieties - light and dark. The menu is still charmingly minimalist. One of the longtime favorites is the cheese and onion plate, which consists of a sleeve of crackers, a hunk of cheddar, a pile of sliced onions and some spicy mustard.