Upgrade to the affluent Flatiron District in New York City

The Big Apple is the largest metropolitan area in the United States, so when you plan to move into real estate in New York, NY, you want to make sure your investment appreciates over time. Fortunately, if you've moved into the Manhattan neighborhood called the Flatiron District, you've made a financially sound choice.

The community gets its name from the eponymous tower, originally called the Fuller Building, which looks like a large flatiron. The 22-story building is an odd-shaped lot near Broadway Street and Fifth Avenue, MSN Real Estate reports.

The up-and-coming area has grown into its current reputation and features new restaurants, stores and housing options. Of course, due to the recent updates, the community's median home sales price has skyrocketed. In fact, the median asking price is approximately $1,477,389, but the median sale price is slightly higher at $1,870,269, Zipdatamaps reports. The difference between asking and sale price is often the result of bidding wars, as high-end real estate shoppers are competing for top housing options in the affluent neighborhood.

If you want to upgrade and move into a more luxurious home in Manhattan, you may want to consider the Flatiron District to get ahead of the trend curve and take advantage of the available entertainment amenities in the area.