NYC students show improvements in math and reading

Whether you have young children or plan to start a family in the near future, education is an important factor in deciding where to live. Luckily, for those who bought one of the homes for sale in New York, NY, the city's school system is showing marked improvement.

The results from the 2012 statewide exams are in, and 3 percent more students passed both the reading and math portions this year than last, according to the New York Daily News.

In total, 47 percent of the metro's students in grades 3 through 8 successfully completed the reading portion, while 60 percent did so on the math section, the news source reports.

Despite the increases among public school students, it was pupils at charter schools - long a pet project of Mayor Michael Bloomberg - who demonstrated the most substantial gains, with a 7 percent increase on the reading exam.

Of course, school performance improvements are not only reflective of a city's educational push, and Bloomberg was quick to praise the community at large.

"[The results] are not only a celebration of our students, but also our parents and our educators, who work day in and day out to bring out the best in them," he told the news source.