NYC becomes first city to mandate energy measurements

Many cities across the country are working to improve their energy efficiency. This is important not only because it helps residents save money on utilities, but also for the ways in which it benefits the environment and sends a positive message to other areas. Cities that make efforts to monitor and control energy consumption are likely to become increasingly attractive living options for relocating citizens. In that regard, real estate in New York, NY, is ahead of the curve.

According to GreenTechMedia, the Big Apple recently became the first American city to make the energy use of every major privately owned building available to the general public. This step will help increase the city's transparency, promote its green initiatives and reduce its carbon footprint. It could also help residents identify the greenest buildings, as well as the most environmentally conscious places to live and work.

"Markets need information to function, and this will let New Yorkers know how much energy the buildings around them are using," said Cliff Majersik, executive director of the Institute for Market Transformation. "It will allow them to get crucial real-estate information that hasn't been available until now."

Although there are many short-term benefits of the new program, the long-range advantages may be the most important part of the initiative. Ultimately, the city will have access to important data that could help save companies and residents in the city millions of dollars each year. Furthermore, the knowledge can be applied to future building projects, as the data can help architects and city officials identify more energy-efficient designs and materials.

The Big Apple has long had a reputation as a modern and creative city, and this latest initiative solidifies its position as one of America's most trend-setting metros. This reputation helps the city attract not only new residents - the city has increased in population almost 6 percent since 1990, according to Home Insight - but also companies. People involved in the recent initiative believe that more and better energy data will help New York City lure forward-thinking and environmentally conscious companies.

In a city known for its innovative legislation, this latest enterprise could prove to be one of the most game-changing yet. People considering buying one of the homes for sale in New York, NY, may find the recent energy initiative to be a compelling reason to finally take the plunge and move to one of America's most progressive cities.