New York coming up with ways for seniors to stay active

Staying in shape is often contingent on the support of friends, family and exercise buddies. Many people find it difficult to find the motivation to work out unless they are pushed, prodded and helped by good-natured companions. This is especially true as we get older. As our bodies become less resilient and require more pampering, mustering up the energy to stay active can feel like a fool's errand.

At times like this, the assistance of a community can really come in hand. Many people turn to yoga groups or jogging buddies, but even this is sometimes not enough. When the city you live in, however, plays a role in keeping you motivated, the task can feel a lot more possible.

That's why groups in New York City are working together to help motivate some of the city's more aged citizens. Aging active adults who buy one of the homes for sale in New York, NY will find that the metro is doing a lot to help them stay energetic and in shape.

Among the most effective groups encouraging this active behavior are the Harlem Honeys and Bears. This synchronized swimming club for people ages 50 and over is attracting residents like bears to honey. The team has 41 members between the ages of 62 and 100, according to The Associated Press.

The team is emblematic of a larger mission by the city to become more amenable to its senior residents. Tactics including larger print on menus and resting places in stores are being employed by East Harlem to try to make the city a prime place to live for retirees and older Americans, according to

By catering to its older residents, New York City is making itself a destination for older Americans across the country. Perhaps no group exemplifies this better than the Harlem Honeys and Bears. Although no one was sure what kind of attendance the group would elicit, it proved from the beginning that there was a large pool of seniors who were just looking for a reason to dive into an active lifestyle.

"On day one, 156 seniors showed up at Thomas Jefferson," Annika Holder, assistant Parks Department commissioner for public programs told the news source. "Seniors who hadn't been to the pool in years were coming and bringing their friends."

Active seniors looking for real estate in New York, NY and hoping for a strong support system in the city won't be disappointed.