It's hard to leave Chelsea once you go for a visit

When you plan to relocate to New York City, you might want to survey the for-sale properties in the neighborhood of Chelsea. Similar to many of the surrounding communities, Chelsea has its fair share of luxury properties, all of which are in close walking distance to exciting bars, restaurants and public parks. Real estate in New York can be quite expensive, so you need to come prepared to submit a significant down-payment when you look at the for-sale homes in many Big Apple communities, especially in spots close to the water.

According to ZipDataMap, the average real estate sale price in Chelsea is $1,648,559. However, when you consider all of the amenities and resources you'll live close to, you may be more willing to invest in a luxury home.

The New York tourism industry is booming today as many tourists flock to the metro area to get a glimpse of the biggest American city. In the Chelsea neighborhood, you can tour the Highline Park and participate in the site's walking tour. This park is unique in that at one point it was an overground railroad in the big city. Today, it's a trendy new park that towers over buildings, consists of well-manicured gardens and features swiveling benches for guests to rearrange and enjoy at their leisure. When you move into the area, take the time to sign up for a walking tour at the Highline Park - it runs every Sunday at 10 a.m. and departs from 44 9th Avenue.

After you visit the elevated park system, you may want to stop in somewhere close by and grab a bite to eat. Fortunately, you'll already be in Chelsea, which features a significant amount of impressive restaurants. Recently, The Couch Sessions' Food writer Lea Faminiano reviewed the local diner Coppelia, located on 207 West 14th Street. She described this eatery as a Cuban inspired diner that is open 24 hours a day, so empanadas and arepas are available any time. In addition, this restaurant has a full bar and crafty cocktails like the Guayabera, which consists of gin and guava juice, so when you work up a thirst at the Highline, the people at Coppelia can quench that unfavorable feeling.

After you visit Chelsea, you won't ever want to leave, which could be one of the many reasons home values remain stable in this affluent community.