How to create the illusion of space in your New York City condo

When you invest in real estate in New York, NY, you might find your purchase does not always present you with a plethora of space. In fact, condo units in the Big Apple come with steep price tags, and you might need to exercise some creativity to make the most of what the home has to offer. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make your new home feel and look more spacious.

1.) Let the light in - You might have stunning and weighted green curtains that you enjoyed at your last home, but in New York City, those drapes may keep the sunlight out. It's important to equip your windows with flowing and transparent fixtures to let the light in when it's bright outside.

2.) Create space with paint - It turns out the colors you choose to paint your walls can also make the areas look more inviting and spacious. When you choose to use a lighter color like yellow or a subtle brown hue, you may find that your living room, bedroom and kitchen create warming atmospheres.

3.) Keep the floors clear - When you are trying to open up an apartment and give the impression you have more space than meets the eye, you need to keep your floors clear. The fewer furniture pieces you can showcase, the more room you'll have to walk around and entertain guests.

When moving to New York City, you need to come prepared with an open mind and leverage your new-found interior design skills to make the most of any space.