The Hamptons - Where to Look for Luxury Estates in New York

Anyone searching New York property listings for luxury estates will certainly come across The Hamptons. Although referred to as “The Hamptons”, the area is actually a collection of small villages and towns located in Southampton and East Hampton townships along the south fork of Long Island. Well known as a favored spot for summer vacation homes, The Hamptons contains some of the most luxurious, and most expensive, real estate in the entire United States.

The hamlets and villages that make up The Hamptons each comes with its own flavor and style; however, they all have one thing in common –luxury. The Hamptons has been the summer playground for the rich and famous for over a century. Regardless of what part of The Hamptons you choose to look for New York property listings in, you can rest assured that you will find luxury everywhere.

During the winter months, The Hamptons is basically a tranquil, almost sleepy, hideaway where people can close off the rest of the world if they choose. During the summer months, however, The Hamptons comes alive with a vibrant nightlife, celebrity events, and elaborate parties. The Hamptons is one of the few places in the country where you can shop at the most exclusive stores in the world, dine at a five-star restaurant, take a drive into the country, and relax at the beach all in the same day.

A quick search of New York real estate located in The Hamptons indicates just how exclusive, and expensive, homes are there. In fact, one village in The Hamptons—Sagaponack—held the title of the most expensive zip code in the country in 2009 with a median home price of $4,421,458. The nearby villages of Watermill and Bridgehampton came in sixth and eight respectively with median home prices of $2,238,676 and $2,081,717.

New York property listings in The Hamptons are typically luxurious single family estates. One of the reasons why The Hamptons is such a coveted vacation spot for the rich and famous is that is remains a very private area, despite its notoriety. Homes in The Hamptons are usually nestled on large tracts of land that provide privacy and the opportunity to relax—something that many homeowners who live or work in nearby New York City do not get in the Big Apple. In fact, if you search New York real estate for sales in The Hamptons you will usually find land available on which you can build your own home if you can afford the high price.

Condos, high-rises and multi-family homes are virtually non-existent in The Hamptons. Because the residents value the area as is, there are very specific restrictions on what can be built throughout The Hamptons. As a general rule, New York property listings in The Hamptons are restricted to large homes with five or more bedrooms and a corresponding number of bathrooms. Many homes have eight or more bedrooms. Architectural styles are as unique as the homeowner since virtually all of the homes have been custom built. Pools, tennis courts, horse barns, and golf courses are also common additions to a home in The Hamptons.

For those who can afford the price tag, a summer home in The Hamptons provides unmatched luxury and elegance.

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