Great puppetry venues in NYC

Although it is sometimes considered juvenile and simple, good puppetry can be an art form as inspiring and evocative as any other. That's welcome news for people who bought one of the homes for sale in New York, NY, because the city features some of the country's most renowned puppet and marionette venues.

Whether you're young or old, new to the field or an established admirer, here are a few of the city's top spots for puppetry.

This theater, located at 338 6th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, embraces the art form's traditions and origins. The audience sprawls across colorful mats and bleachers to watch as performers put on crowd-pleasing versions of folktales, fairytales and fantasies.

Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre
Situated at 79th Street in historic Central Park, this intimate venue features modern takes on classic tales such as Peter Pan. The art direction and marionettes used are first rate and fans often appreciate the attention to detail in these entertaining shows.

For people who enjoy comedy and drama, whether it's delivered by live actors or nimbly controlled puppets, these two famous venues will surely please.