Flushing is an affordable community in Queens

The draw of New York City can strike at any moment. Whether it is the hustle and bustle of the streets, the exotic smells seeping out from every restaurant or the diverse array of people around each corner, it's hard to ignore the many appealing characteristics of America's largest metro area. These attractions are what encourage people to invest in real estate in New York, NY. However, home values have continued to rise in many of the city's boroughs, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. In order to find affordable housing opportunities, you may need to expand your search efforts and consider some of the neighborhoods in the other districts.

Queens is east of Brooklyn, across the river just south of the Bronx. It's been a hot spot for homebuyers as of late, with many ZIP codes seeing rising home values and significant transactions over the past 16 months. By the end of 2011, Flushing, NY, totaled 65 home closings with the highest paid property tallied at $1,280,000, according to NY Real Estate Trends.

Currently, the average real estate sale price in Flushing is $472,341, ZipDataMaps reports, which is down from NY Real Estate Trends' cited number of $629,118 at the end of 2011. While prices have fallen, the demand for available properties and educational options remains stable.

According to ZipDataMaps, test score performance in Flushing is above average. If you are relocating your family to the New York City area, you might want to consider one of Flushing's many schools. With PS 242 LP Stavisky Early Childhood School, PS 214 Cadwallader Colden, PS 21 Edward Hart, JHS 185 Edward Bleeker and Flushing High School all residing in the community, your children will find everything they need to succeed.

Flushing is your average middle-class community. ZipDataMaps reports 30.6 percent of the town's residents make between $50,000 and $100,000 on an annual basis.

When you move to Flushing, you will have easy access into the other New York City boroughs. If you're employed in Manhattan, you simply have to board the subway or other source or public transportation to get to the office on time. Enjoy the benefits of Flushing today and become a part of the community.