An evolution in New York culture makes the city more relatable

When you look at the houses for sale in New York, New York, it's easy to imagine yourself living a life of luxury in the Big Apple. The high number of famed restaurants and active nightlife community often draw people into the city culture. However, there seems to be a shift in consumer outlook in 2012, as New Yorkers are acting differently than they have in the past.

According to the Zagat 2013 NYC Restaurant Survey, New Yorker's at-home meals surpassed dining out for the first time in 30 years. The report found that residents only dine out or do take-out 6.4 times a week, and they make meals at home 6.7 times a week. For the past 10 years, New Yorkers typically have been eating out fewer times a week over the past 10 years, but 2012 marks the first time that the two trends have crossed over. In 2002, NYC residents made 5.1 meals at home and ate out 7.9 times.

Residents certainly aren't eating home more because there is a lack of high-quality restaurants in the city. In fact, the Big Apple is still considered one of the premier foodie metro areas in the United States. The trend may be directly associated with a nationwide push to become healthier people in general, and making food at home allows for more transparency in what goes into a meal.

Additionally, The New York City Board of Health limited the size of large sugary drinks to no larger than 16-ounce servings. Again, this trend hasn't kept New Yorkers at home making dinner, but it does support the idea that Big Apple residents are taking their health seriously.

The sugar regulation applies to any establishment with a food-service license, including fast food outlets, pizzerias and major stadiums. What's more, Mayor Bloomberg also announced that 16 hospitals have agreed to voluntarily remove super-sized beverages and eliminate candy from vending machines at their facilities, Market Playground reports.

At first, you might think of New York City as a huge adult playground where people stay out all night, dine at fancy restaurants regularly and live in luxurious loft apartments. However, today's New Yorker is just like your average American - he is forced to budget and eat at home more often, she wants to live a healthy and active lifestyle and everyone understands the value in sitting down together for a nice family dinner.