Enjoy the finer things in life when you move to Chelsea

When you make the big decision to relocate to a new city, you want to make sure the community you enter offers you all of the resources you need to raise a family. After all, if you purchase a home that is too small for your two rambunctious children, you may regret your investment down the line. Fortunately, with so many homes for sale in New York, New York, finding the right one for your family can be easy.

You may want to consider the Chelsea neighborhood for its prime location and proximity to a variety of appealing eateries. However, if you plan to begin your search in the affluent community nestled between the Meatpacking District and Theater District, you need to have your finances in order. The average real estate asking price for a home in Chelsea is $1,603,814, according to ZipDataMaps, but, in actuality, homes have been closing around $1,822,618. The area has several bidding wars on its hands, so buyers looking to move into the neighborhood may want to come prepared.

Chelsea is a beautiful community, situated right on the Hudson River, which separates the Big Apple from New Jersey. Within this community lies a variety of restaurants that cater to families of all sizes. Recently, Lea Faminiano, an author at The Couch Sessions, reviewed the neighborhood's latest addition - Redwood Kitchenette & Bar located on 102 8th Avenue.

She described Redwood as a restaurant that a guest would want to live in, due to its bright and sunny space. The establishment is set up in an Airstream trailer, which gives it a retro-nostalgic vibe and attracts a diverse customer base.

In addition to quaint and edgy eateries like Redwood, Chelsea is within walking distance from the famous Meatpacking district, which hosts a plethora of high-end dining establishments like Spice Market, located on 403 West 13th Street, and the Biergarten at The Standard hotel on 848 Washington Street.

When you consider all of the neighborhoods in New York City, Chelsea continues to outshine the rest with its prime location, eccentric nightlife and exotic restaurant culture. If you are ready to move to the Big Apple and discover all that the city has to offer, start your home search in this friendly Manhattan community.