Brooklyn Nets make borough a true sports town

Sports fans looking for houses for sale in New York may want to consider Brooklyn as a viable location. Although the borough has never been home to a professional basketball team, next season that will change.

Moving from New Jersey, the Brooklyn Nets will move to their new stadium, the Barclays Center, in time for next October's opening tipoff. The arena will be at the Vanderbilt Yards on Atlantic Avenue and will likely improve the value of real estate in New York, NY.

For decades, Brooklynites have pined for a sports team to call their own. Since the Dodgers moved in 1957 to play baseball in Los Angeles, residents have had to get their sports fix from one of the other boroughs - or another state.

However, as soon as the 2012-13 National Basketball Association season begins, that will no longer be the case. The team, which has been undergoing a dramatic transformation in terms of personnel and ownership over the past few years, will likely quickly acquire a devoted following from New Yorkers hungry for more basketball.

If rooting for a professional basketball team is important to you, the arrival of the Nets in Brooklyn could make it an even more ideal place to live.