Brooklyn Heights called one of New York's most attractive neighborhoods

When searching for homes for sale in New York, NY, you might want to look at the properties listed in Brooklyn Heights. The community is arguably one of the more expensive neighborhoods in the Brooklyn borough, but it is still a steal compared to other affluent communities in the greater New York City metro area.

In fact, so many homebuyers have new-found appreciation for Brooklyn Heights that the average real estate sale price surpasses the average real estate asking price, according to ZipDataMaps. Currently, the asking price is at $1,068,896, while the sale price is approximately $1,272,603.

According to The New York Times, Brooklyn Heights is a district that features some of the most beautiful homes in the city. The newspaper goes on to state that the community is a safe and clean area that features tree-lined streets and many for-sale properties.

When considering a move into the largest city in the United States, make sure you get everything you want out of the relocation. Set your sights on a beautiful property tucked away by the water in an up-and-coming area of Brooklyn. You may find it to be the perfect place to raise a family in the Big Apple.