The best fish tacos in NYC

Over the last several years, fish tacos have become a favorite among adventurous gourmands. Originating in the coastal regions of Mexico, these seafood concoctions have only recently made their way into America.

Though they can be found throughout southern California and across Texas fairly easily, a good fish taco can be hard to track down north of the Mason-Dixon Line. However, New York City, an area known for its diverse dining options, has developed a fairly extensive list of restaurants who serve this Mexican specialty.

For those looking for homes for sale in New York who also have acquired a taste for fish tacos, here are a few good bets.

La Esquina
This bare-bones taqueria located at 114 Kenmare Street focuses all its attention on flavor. Serving grilled fish - as opposed to the traditional fried variety - this small restaurant may appeal to people who favor a lighter, healthier fish taco.

Pinche Taqueria
You can be sure that this eatery sticks closely to the fish taco's roots - it was started on a street in Tijuana. In its New York incarnation, devotion to the dish's origins is evident. With fresh fish and produce and house-made salsas and sauces, Pinche makes sure that diners get an authentic taste of the Mexican staple.