Attention hipsters: Williamsburg is still your Mecca

When you visit New York City, you likely will travel to the up-and-coming neighborhood of Williamsburg. This community is situated in the Brooklyn borough and you may be shocked to discover it is one of the most popular hangouts for younger homeowners. With Williamsburg's easy access to downtown through the subway, and its plethora of bars, art galleries, outdoor parks and music venues, you may immediately discover it is the perfect area to invest in a home.

The current median value of homes for sale in New York continues to waver, but in Williamsburg it stands stable at $534,200, MSN Real Estate reports. What's more, the community boasts a low 29.6 percent rate of households with children, which makes it a younger neighborhood and offers all that a first-time homeowner could want.

"Few other enclaves inspire the kind of love-it-or-loathe-it partisanship that Williamsburg evokes," New York Magazine says. While the community was a working waterfront and industrial center at one point, the young-adult scene has moved into the area, and it is now one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the Greater New York City area.

When you purchase property in the area, make sure you know where the closest music venues are, as these establishments often put on notable shows. Music Hall of Williamsburg is a medium-sized venue located on 66 North 6th Street, and the establishment offers attendees the opportunity to view some of today's most established and rising acts. For example, hip-hop legend GZA is performing his landmark album Liquid Swords in mid-June 2012 with the Grammy-winning Latin Funk Orchestra Grupo Fantasma as the opening act.

However, if you want to do a little more with your time and watch some live music while also bowling, you may be more interested in the acts playing at Brooklyn Bowl. This venue is located at 61 Wythe Avenue, and guests can watch Solange Knowles on June 13, 2012, while bowling a few games in the next room.

Williamsburg offers its residents many unique entertainment opportunities, and while it may seem like the area is only conducive to partying, many young-professionals live in the area and have successful careers. Consider one of the homes for sale in the area today, before your competition claims them.