Are you a soccer fan? Then head to Nevada Smith's in the East Village

When you move to the Big Apple for professional reasons, you often want to invest in real estate in New York that is near entertainment establishments. Fortunately, when you move to the East Village, you have a bounty of options at your disposal, depending on your interests. If you're a huge soccer fan, you're in luck, as the East Village is home to a bar that promotes its love for the game.

Nevada Smith's is located on 125 East 11th Street, and it features all of the sports bar amenities you've come to know and love. The people who hang out in the pub all have a passion for soccer. From the World Cup to Major League Soccer (MLS), this establishment makes watching a game a true experience. What's more, they offer an extensive beer list, so you can always find a brew that suits your needs.

If you're already a city dweller but want to relocate to the East Village, today may be the perfect time to buy, and not just because the MLS playoffs are just around the corner. Currently, the average real estate asking price in the East Village is $963,857, but properties are selling for much less, with the average around $780,469, according to ZipDataMaps. Therefore, you might find a great deal on the home of your dreams in the East Village today. Then, once you've moved in, you can make your way to the Footy bar around the corner and become a part of the action.