Tennessee among top ten states of most affordable child care for school-aged children

Tennessee ranked eighth among states with the most affordable child care for a school-aged child in a center, according to a recent report by Child Care Aware of America. Young families looking to raise their kids in a state with affordable child care could move en masse to Tennessee, possibly leading to a spike in demand of houses for sale in Nashville.

The report ranked states by how big a percentage cost of care factored into the state median income for two-parent families. Seven states were omitted from the survey.

According to the data, the average annual cost of school-aged care in the state was $3,374, with the state median income for two-parent families at $68,223. This led to a cost of care as a percentage of state median income of 4.9 percent, putting Tennessee just behind New Hampshire, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, California and Mississippi.

The number of school-aged children in Nashville looks set to skyrocket over the next few years as well. According to the Nashville City Paper, a projected 81,000 Metro Students headed to public school this year, representing the district's highest figure since 1976.