Nashville student population skyrocketing

The student population in Nashville has skyrocketed 16 percent over the past decade, with 81,000 students projected to attend the public school district, according to the Nashville City Paper. This represents the district's highest annual figure since 1976. With more families looking to live in the area and attend the local public schools, the market for real estate in Nashville could be poised to reap similar growth.

The swelling of the population in the Nashville metro area has played a significant role in the growth of the public school student population. The city has seen tremendous advances over the past decade, with its population growing by 10.2 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to the news source. However, experts have also pointed out other factors that have led to tremendous growth among public schools, primarily the student migration from private schools.

The public schools are also demonstrating better performances as well as more stringent academic standards. According to the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), the district showed tremendous improvements in achievement and accountability. The district met seven of nine benchmarks, placing it in the second highest accountability category. The accountability system was implemented to replace the No Child Left Behind performance measures, and also to reduce achievement gaps between minority groups.

"These results show that thousands more of our students are performing at a higher level," said Director of Schools Jesse Register. "Tennessee standards are among the highest in the country and this new accountability system is real, it is holding districts to standards that are difficult but attainable. The growth we have seen this year is the result of a lot of hard work, of making changes to instructional practice, providing more professional development and meeting our students' diverse needs. We want to accelerate that growth at all levels and close achievement gaps."

The growth among public school student populations in Nashville is in direct contrast with national trends. According to a recent report in The New York Times, enrollment in approximately half of the nation's 100 most populous school districts plummeted during a five-year time frame wrapped around the recent recession. The fact that the city has been able to not only stave off declining growth rates but in fact increase them substantially is indicative of the improving academic standards in the state, as well as the increasing popularity of out-of-state and in-state migration to Nashville.