Nashville ranks high among top places to start a small business

People might consider one of the homes for sale in Nashville for many reasons. While some property buyers may see the city as a place to settle down, ambitious entrepreneurs might eye the metro's potential business opportunities.

Thumbtack, a web-based small business locator, ranked the city number 5 nationally in terms of ease of starting a new business. Nashville received A's for this and its hiring costs, and even earned an A+ for its licensing requirements and regulations.

"After a two-month survey of over 6,000 small business owners nationwide, Nashville comes out on top as one of the nation's best cities to start a business," said Thumbtack co-founder Sander Daniels, according to the news source. "While the city certainly has its challenges and areas for improvement, Nashville has clearly also done a lot right for its small businesses."

Small business growth is important for expansion, and could lead more people to consider real estate in the metro. This city may continue its economic progress for several reasons.

A recognized economic leader
The Associated Press reports that Tennessee was the recipient of Area Development Magazine's 2012 Gold Shovel Award, an honor received for its success in job creation and economic impact. Nashville, the second most populous city in the Volunteer State, has played a pivotal role in the state's economic growth.

Nashville's tourism industry attracts over 11 million visitors annually, the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau notes. There are plenty of reasons to take a trip to the city, including its famous country music scene.

Currently, the city boasts more than 180 recording studios, 130 music publishers and 80 record labels. Musicians from across the country may consider making the trek to Nashville to have their songs heard by industry professionals. Additionally, hundreds of live clubs deliver a fun, exciting experience to patrons every night.

Nashville has seen gains in its hospitality industry, thanks in part to the success of the music segment. The source states that over 50,000 jobs are directly linked to the sector, and the city features roughly 24,000 hotel rooms. Music helps draw visitors to the city, and could lead more people to evaluate the possibility of buying a home here too.

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