Nashville ranked third among sexiest cities in the country

Nashville placed third in a survey of the country's sexiest cities, according to Bundle. New urban professionals and young singles looking to take advantage of this ranking might consider looking into homes for sale in Nashville.

According to the survey, Nashville ranked just behind Chicago and Austin, Texas, among America's sexiest cities. The data was based on a formula that factored in the amount of money that a city's residents spent on lingerie, hosiery, cosmetics, fragrance, skincare and waxing. After the numbers were crunched, Nashville's final sexiness score came in at 177 percent of the national average. Chicago dominated the list with 244 percent, while Austin was at 193 percent.

The study also looked at correlations between its final results for sexiest cities and results from an earlier survey, which analyzed the fittest cities in the country. Chicago was ranked as the second fittest city behind Dallas. However, there were no correlations between Nashville's sexiness and its fitness. The city ranked near the bottom of the fitness list, with a gym attendance rate at 82 percent of the national average.