Nashville ranked among best cities to live in

Businessweek recently released its list of top 50 cities in the United States to live in, with Nashville ranking at number 13. The rankings were based on a variety of different factors - including number of restaurants, strength of schools and cultural scene - people looking for a great city in the region to move to should check out listings of homes for sale in Nashville.

Some of the survey's key measures include establishments that raise the quality of life for a city's residents. These infrastructural assets ranged from the numbers of bars and restaurants to the per capita park acreage. Nashville ranked high on these measures, Businessweek reports. According to the news source's metrics, the city has 138 bars, 1,493 restaurants, 3 professional sports teams and 18 park acres per 1,000 residents. These all contribute toward a general lifestyle and entertainment scene that is attractive to denizens of Nashville, as well as people interested in moving there.

Another key area of metrics for the study was for the city's cultural and educational scene. Cities with strong performances in these areas tended to rank highly on this study, with the belief that these qualities can lead to low crime rates, a strong local economy and other positive correlations. To this end, the news source listed Nashville as having 30 museums, 35 libraries and 13 colleges.

In addition, a solid 8.3 percent of the city's residents hold graduate degrees, another mark of an advanced city. One of the most prominent universities in the city is Vanderbilt, which landed at number 17 on the U.S. News and World Report's annual list of the Best National Universities this year, according to The Tennessean.

Finally, according to Businessweek, one of the most attractive aspects of the self-proclaimed Music City is in fact its strong music scene and background. The city is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and boasts an impressive list of musicians who were born, raised or cut their musical teeth in Nashville. This list includes Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Keith Urban and the Kings of Leon, who was recently honored by the Music City Music Council. The band received a star on the Music City Walk of Fame as part of their honor and used the ceremony to express their appreciation for the city they grew up in.

"I don't think we could've picked a better city to break in on the music scene and just break in as people and as family," Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followhill said. "Nashville's a wonderful city to live in and a wonderful place to raise kids."