Location key for homebuyers in Nashville

As workers look to cut down on time wasted while commuting from home to work, more prospective homebuyers are prioritizing location in their decisions. According to a recent report by a group of national real estate experts, 73 percent of buyers listed commuting costs as an influencing factor in their purchase decisions. Prospective homebuyers considering the many homes for sale in Nashville should consider this in their decisions as well.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, a report revealed that traffic congestion in Nashville is the 32nd worst in the country. Drivers in the city spent approximately 15.3 hours in traffic from April 2011 to April 2012.

In addition to saving time and costs by not commuting over long distances, homeowners can derive a host of other positive externalities by prioritizing location. According to The Tennessean, mass transit and programs such as NashVitality are encouraging the city residents to be healthy and active. Additionally, homeowners opting for public transportation over private cars could result in less emissions and benefit the environment.