Could Nashville become a popular destination for filmmakers?

Hollywood remains a popular spot for glitz and glamour, thanks in large part to its film industry. However, Nashville might be closer than you think when it comes to attracting movie and TV producers from across the globe. Purchasing one of the homes for sale in Nashville might bring you near an expanding economy that could continue to grow with support from its developing film industry.

This is reflected in the production of a new TV show for the ABC fall lineup. In June 2012, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) approved a grant worth up to $7.5 million for the development of "Nashville." The TV show will be filmed in Nashville, and the reimbursable grant will help fund qualified expenditures, which could benefit Volunteer State residents.

ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty noted "Nashville" represents the state's innovative approach to the entertainment industry.

"The unique confluence of film and music that 'Nashville' offers is central to our aim of highlighting Tennessee's great strength as a center of creative excellence in the music industry," Hagerty said. "Additionally, the consistent employment afforded Tennesseans as a result of this multi-episode series will result in constructive training and talent development and longer term employment for Tennessee's entertainment industry."

Consider the impact the entertainment industry might have on the local economy when evaluating the advantages of relocating to Nashville.

Lights! Camera! Action!
Filmmakers have made past investments in Nashville that have created new opportunities for job seekers. Movies including The Green Mile, The Last Castle and Gummo were produced and filmed in this metro, which may have helped local residents find temporary staff positions.

Film Nashville notes that the "Nashville" TV series is already accepting applications for film crew positions. It takes a team effort for any production to be successful, and local residents can lend a helping hand by providing daily assistance on set.

Of course, there might be full-time positions available in the Nashville entertainment industry available. The Grand Ole Opry currently has over 100 full-time positions available, which gives job seekers the chance to embrace a variety of roles in this sector.

Nashville may become a popular place for filmmakers in the future, and local residents might be able to participate in the metro's expanding entertainment industry.