Celebrities make Nashville homes available

Many people strive to live like the rich and famous, and you could have this unique opportunity if you decide to purchase homes for sale in Nashville. According to the Detroit Free Press, several high-profile celebrities recently placed their Nashville properties on the real estate market.

Singers Sheryl Crow and George Jones are among the famous Nashville residents who are attempting to get fair value for their properties. The news source notes that Crow has been unable to receive an offer close to the $7.5 million asking price she requested during an internet auction last year. Meanwhile, Jones' 80-acre property in Franklin, Tennessee, will be auctioned off next month.

Local real estate expert Dwight O'Neal told the news outlet that Nashville's home values have fallen significantly, which could prove beneficial to homebuyers interested in moving to the area. However, home sellers might also benefit from the current real estate market.

"Our bidders are buying the property to use it, not resell it, and that means they'll usually pay more for it," local real estate agent J.P. King told the news source.

You don't need to be famous to live like a rock (or country) star in Nashville. Check out the wide selection of properties available in the metro today.