Meet our Sweepstakes Winners

We recently wrapped up our “Drop in and Win” contest. Over the course of the month we took over 6,500 of you out to visit one (or several!) homes for sale. Many of you probably got one step closer to finding the one meant for you (and maybe even made an offer). All of you were entered into our sweepstakes, and we’re happy to announce our three lucky winners:

Seana Scopa from Boston is our first place winner, Lorraine Hargrave from the San Francisco Bay Area came in second, and Lenora Fain-Remines from Baltimore snagged third place – congratulations to all three!

first place winner, Seana

Each of these winners received a gift card to their choice of Sears, Create & Barrel, Lowe’s, or Best Buy. Seana chose to spend her $2,500 gift card at Sears, Lorraine opted to spend her $1,500 gift card at Sears as well, while Lenora took home a $1,000 gift card to Best Buy.

Seana’s real estate agent, Phillip Kawa, also won a new iPad.

Have fun decking out your current (or future) homes, ladies!


Sarah Louise Green lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and writes about national real estate trends, home financing, advice for buyers, and DIY projects for the home and garden. Follow Sarah on Twitter:@slouisegreen