Make it Personal: Outline and Own Your Home Search

We recently released some new features on our website that are geared toward helping you – the hopeful homebuyer – find a home that meets all of your specific criteria. We’ve built some more tools, especially on our map, to help you get a better sense of things like school district lines or nearby restaurants – all without losing sight of your other search criteria.

Search Exactly Where (and What) You Want

The biggest (and coolest) changes are on the map view. You now can draw a polygon directly on the map and search for homes only within the areas you outline. Whether you’re looking at a particular neighborhood or at a whole region, you can make the polygon as big or small as you like and capture your unique search results.

If you’ve tried our Streetsketch™ mobile app for the iPhone, the polygon search is really similar. Rather than drawing freeform with your finger on a touchscreen, polygon search allows you to create a unique shape by connecting a series of points to define a search area. Click on the button on the top left of the map view to try it out.

Get A Feel For the Neighborhood

In addition to polygon search, the map now has even more customizable options for learning about the local vibe of a neighborhood or what kinds of cultural offerings a city has. When you click the Map Options link on the bottom right, a key will pop up that will allow you to display schools, transit, restaurants, theaters, nightlife, and more. You’ll also be able to display boundary lines for zip codes, school districts, and even specific neighborhoods.

You can use all of these map options in addition to your polygon search and other search options (price, beds, baths, etc.), so you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Share Homes You Find With Your Networks

You can easily share homes for sale by posting a listing to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can leave a comment, indicating what you love about the home or ask others what they think. The share button, which is located on the Action Bar, will also allow you to post to multiple networks at once or email the home to your friends and family.

Additional upgrades include…

·         Updated look in the map view

·         More results at one time in the map view

·         Faster loading of search results

Head on over to the ZipRealty website to create a new search and check out the new features!