Which Los Angeles neighborhoods are best for nightlife?

If you think that becoming a homeowner means giving up all of the fun of being a young adult, think again. Homeownership doesn't mean the end of your social life, especially if you choose a neighborhood full of other young professionals and couples looking to mingle, meet friends and explore city living.

If you're excited to make a piece of real estate in Los Angeles your own, but you still want to be close to the action, you'll want to be sure that you're looking in neighborhoods with plenty to do during the day - and the night. Los Angeles' nightlife is known for being fun, adventurous and unique, and these neighborhoods make it easy to hit up all the best hotspots.

West Hollywood
If you're looking for swanky clubs, trendy bars and sophisticated dining, you simply can't beat West Hollywood. There's no doubt that this city is the undisputed authority when it comes to Los Angeles area's hottest spots, including rooftop dance floors, pool parties and VIP events. Checking out this area at night is also a great way to spot some celebs.

West Hollywood is also a noticeable hotspot for Los Angeles' lesbian and gay scene. While many bars and clubs in WeHo cater to this community, the neighborhood is accepting of people of all backgrounds and preferences.

With so much going on, you might expect West Hollywood to be a noisy, busy neighborhood, but during the day this area is actually friendly and laid-back. Plus, owning real estate in Santa Monica is surprisingly affordable, and the median home sales price is around $510,000.

Koreatown offers a truly unique living experience for adventurous homebuyers who want hip dining and shopping as well as plenty to do once the sun sets. It's also one of LA's fastest growing neighborhoods, thanks to its affordable home prices and amazing entertainment.

You don't have to be Korean to enjoy everything this neighborhood has to offer, which range from traditional festivities to community events. Bordering Wilshire Boulevard, Koreatown has plenty of fancy shops and restaurants - but the best food often comes from a local hole-in-the-wall.

The club scene isn't for everyone. If a friendly, laid-back nightlife experience is more your style, then Pasadena might be for you.

Old Pasadena, a stretch of restaurants and retail establishment stretching down the city's main thoroughfare, offers lots of small, intimate pubs with great drink specials and delicious comfort food. Pasadena is also a great place to hear some live music and enjoy a cocktail or two with friends on an open-air dining patio.