Where to find modern architecture in Los Angeles

While plenty of people love the charm of an old home, not every potential homebuyer is on the hunt for a turn-of-the-century Tudor or traditional Craftsman home. For some people, a new home should be totally unique and modern both inside and out. If you're looking for modern real estate in Los Angeles, where should you concentrate your search? Here are some of the best places to scout for updated homes with modern touches.

Los Angeles is notorious for being a city comprised mostly of suburbs, but that's all starting to change. The addition of L.A. Live - a collection of chic bars, shopping, restaurants and nightlife - has revitalized the city center, making downtown Los Angeles a popular destination for people looking to live in updated condominiums, townhouses and apartments.

Because L.A. Live is a new development, much of the living in the area is decidedly modern. With big, bright windows and the latest technological touches, living downtown can be a truly luxurious experience these days - and it certainly makes the commute a cinch.

Don't like to drive? Proximity to public transit is another big draw for downtown residents. Walk to work or hop on the Metro, and you'll never have to deal with Los Angeles traffic.

Hollywood is more than a movie town - it's a city with residents from all walks of life. As many of Hollywood's more prominent residents are wealthy and influential, the city is constantly being updated with the latest conveniences - including new developments with many modern touches.

Subdivisions of Hollywood include West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills, each with their own unique architectural flourishes. Be advised, homes in these posh areas can easily run over $1 million - but condominium living can be significantly more affordable for homebuyers on a budget. Plus, what's a better draw for LA residents than knowing that your neighbors are famous?

Finding luxury living in Los Angeles isn't tough if you know where to look. Many modern homes are situated right in the heart of LA's action, offering a truly cosmopolitan experience for Southern California residents who don't want to miss a minute of city living. Don't think moving to LA means settling for a Spanish-style home or an old Victorian - there's as much modern living in LA as anywhere else.