What makes Los Angeles real estate sell fast?

New information recently released by DataQuick shows that Southern California has experienced an uptick in both and new and existing home sales throughout the month of August, and many experts forecast that the real estate growth will continue into 2013. Some are even optimistic that a rise in home sales could foreshadow economic recovery.

However, if you're selling real estate in Los Angeles now, you certainly don't want to wait until after the new year to see someone put an offer on your home. So what can you do to make sure your house doesn't stagnate on the market while waiting for a potential buyer?

There are some home amenities that are big selling points with potential buyers in Southern California. Check out some of the most important attributes you can highlight about your home in order to help it sell fast.

Wildfires are a major problem in Southern California, as several recent blazes have proven. While a rustic home that borders the woods is a draw for many, many buyers don't want to worry about a potential forest fire destroying their property. If your home has fire safety features like a fire break, a nearby fire department or fireproofing inside the home, these can be great selling points in areas where wildfires have the potential to strike.

Poolside lounging
In frigid New England and Midwestern states, a pool can be more hassle than its worth. By contrast, in sunny Southern California, there's no need to worry about ice or pool covers - you can enjoy this backyard feature all year long. If your home has a pool, show it off loud and proud. Buyers love the way a pool can set the stage for backyard parties and time with the family.

En suite bathroom
Private bathrooms adjoining the master bedroom used to be a luxury, but these days, potential home buyers all but expect them. If your home doesn't already have an en suite, you may consider renovating in order to add value and help you sell your property more quickly, at a price that's fair.