We got more bounce in California

The hit song, "More bounce in California" may be onto something considering the fact that four of the cities to land on Forbes' list of America's 10 hippest cities are in California. Of course, one of those cities is none other than Los Angeles, just another reason why purchasing real estate in Los Angeles may be a great idea.

The publication placed LA third and states that it compiled the list based on quantified measures of what it means to be cool as a city. Although being cool or hip is often in the eye of the beholder, the source did the best it could by using information such as the number of entertainment options per capita, recreational activities, amount of green space and the cost of popular outdoor activities such as golfing.

Forbes also considered the number of restaurants per capita, not including chain restaurants, and also factored in data such as the median age. With all of this information considered, Los Angeles ranked pretty well considering it beat out the Big Apple and Bean Town.

The median age in LA is 35 and there are a total of 19,921 local eateries in the Los Angeles-Long Beach -Glendale metro division. The city also scored very well in categories like Arts and Culture, Diversity and Recreation.