Old vs. new - should you choose an historic home or a modern build?

Choosing a home is a highly personal process. Some people love the character of older homes, and are willing to put up with minor inconveniences like creaky floors to enjoy original crown molding, antique fireplaces and other unique touches. Others, however, prefer the convenience of new developments, with their updated and modern feel (and technology).

If you're looking for a home in Southern California, you'll have your pick of plenty of older homes as well as many new builds. Which type of abode you want to purchase is up to you, but here are a few things to consider when searching for real estate in Los Angeles.

Historic homes
Los Angeles may not have the centuries-old feel of cities like Philadelphia and Boston, but it does have a unique history touched by influences from Spain, Mexico, several Native American First Nations, various architectural movements, the entertainment industry and even cowboys.

Pasadena is one of LA's most historic neighborhoods. Many of its homes date back to the 1920s and earlier, when the Craftsman movement was in full swing. These homes, which dot the Pasadena landscape, feature gabled roofs, stone and wood details and earthy color schemes. One famous Craftsman home is the Frederick C. Gable House, designed by Greene and Greene in the early 1900s and recently listed for $1,775,000.

Of course, not all of LA's historic homes - which include Craftsman style as well as Spanish Revival - are so expensive. In fact, older homes can often be less expensive than their more modern counterparts because they may lack some selling features. Perhaps most notably, many old homes aren't equipped with air conditioning - something that some SoCal homeowners don't want to do without when summer temperatures hover near 100 degrees.

However, older homes offer gorgeous details, a rich and textured history and one-of-a-kind touches, all for an affordable price - making them very appealing to many potential homebuyers. Additionally, the lower median selling price of many older homes leaves extra money for modernizing renovations wherever they're needed.

Modern builds
New homes are appealing to many potential homebuyers because they're move-in ready. All you need is the key! There are no costly renovations, no structural concerns and fewer unfortunate surprises discovered long after the purchase. All in all, purchasing a new home is often a safe bet for families who want immediate comfort, convenience and simplicity.

However, new homes may not have the cozy and unique details that make older homes so special. If you're looking for modern luxury and convenience, that trade-off may be worth it to you and your family to enjoy all the perks of a new build.