Los Angeles in the Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games have finally come to an end and if you own real estate in Los Angeles or are considering relocating to the area, it's a great time to have a renewed sense of pride for this city. According to LA Weekly, athletes from Los Angeles took home four times more Olympic medals than any other city in the nation, meaning that our local athletes brought home more medals from the London games by a landslide.

Based on a report by Atlantic Cities with data compiled by UCLA urban-planning doctorate Patrick Adler, Los Angeles leads the United States cities with an astounding 45 medals. Alder explained to LA Weekly that Los Angeles also has the most medals per hometown, or has the most winners who were born and/or grew up in the city - 35 total. Why is there such a large discrepancy in Los Angeles?

"If I had to guess (and this analysis cannot definitely suggest one explanation over another), I would point to the number of Division 1 universities in the LA area as a big influence. LA has two very large Division 1 sports programs, which are likely to draw athletes, and promote the development of younger athletes into Olympians (or NFL players)."

Alder also contributes the success of the local athletes to the warmer weather which allows for longer training seasons, as well as the cities "culture around fitness and nutrition." Therefore, LA might just be the city for a family hoping to raise some future Olympians - after all, they say Los Angeles is the city to make dreams come true.