Los Angeles considers turning parking spaces to parks

Yes, Los Angeles may be home to a beautiful skyline and plenty of imposing and modern skyscrapers, but that doesn't mean that this city can't offer tons of natural beauty. Los Angeles may have a reputation for being a concrete jungle, but with miles and miles of parks, nature reserves, hiking trails and beaches, there's a lot for outdoor enthusiasts to do here, too.

If you're considering purchasing real estate in Southern California, you may be heartened to know that the city is hearing several proposals to increase the amount of green space around Los Angeles.

New parks in development
Curbed LA reports that Los Angeles is finding a unique way to squeeze some green into even the most urban spaces in the form of small "parklets." The parklets are made by turning parking spaces into tiny, grassy areas for everyone to enjoy. As of August, four parklets were under construction in the greater LA area. The new green spaces will be similar to existing parklets in Long Beach and San Francisco.

The success of the parklets could "lead to future pedestrian projects throughout the city where parking spaces can be turned into public plazas and other uses," said Councilmember Jose Huizar in a release obtained by Curbed LA.

Studio One Eleven, a Southern California architecture firm, recently released a toolkit for creating additional parklets around the city. The firm says the toolkits feature "parklet case studies and designs from around the world, providing all the necessary 'tools' to encourage users to adapt a program to their own communities."

Existing green spaces to enjoy
The parklets are a welcome addition to Los Angeles' already very green landscape.

Griffith Park, located just north of downtown, features more than 4,200 acres of hiking and biking paths, picnic areas and equestrian trails. Many areas of the park remain virtually unchanged from the days of Native Americans, featuring hundreds of native California plants and wildlife.

The Angeles National Forest is another area popular with nature enthusiasts. This 650,000 acre forest is filled with spectacular sights from waterfalls to stunning mountain views.