A guide to Los Angeles' diverse and unique Eastside

Every area of Los Angeles has its own unique appeal, from the pristine beaches and luxury shopping of the Westside to the cozy comfort of the northern suburbs. If you're looking for real estate in Los Angeles, you may want to consider the Eastside in your search. This area of LA has affordable living, trendy dining and lots to do, as well as plenty of nearby outdoor activities like hiking and trail running.

Boyle Heights is one up-and-coming area of East Los Angeles that has a lot to attract home seekers. A neighborhood that's still in the process of gentrifying, it's a great option for potential home buyers looking to get in on an affordable deal that could offer a generous return on investment over the years. A planned project to update and renovate the Sixth Street Viaduct, which connects Boyle Heights to the LA Arts District, could drive property values up even higher after its completion in 2014, which makes this an excellent area for young singles on a budget.

Boyle Heights is also one of Los Angeles' youngest neighborhoods, with an average age of 25 years old, according to The Los Angeles Times. The population is heavily Latino and mainly working-class, making this a good neighborhood for young adults looking to get their footing in the City of Angels.

For families, Eagle Rock is an excellent East Los Angeles suburb with affordable homes and a diverse population from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. The city of Eagle Rock has seen considerable gentrification over the last decade, thanks in large part to the region's excellent public education. Families looking to move to LA on a budget may find that Eagle Rock offers everything they're after, including shopping and recreation.

According to the news source, Eagle Rock is among the most diverse neighborhoods in Southern California. Additionally, with an average household income about equal to that of the greater LA area, it's an affordable place for families and singles alike.

For more affluent home buyers, the neighborhood of Hacienda Heights could be an excellent Eastside option. This safe suburb is still affordable for families who are just starting out, but offers many of the same conveniences as Los Angeles' wealthiest areas. With proximity to designer shopping in Pasadena and Beverly Hills, it's a great option for those with expensive taste.

The eastern side of Los Angeles is a great option for families and singles looking for affordable real estate in LA who still want a safe, diverse and beautiful neighborhood to call home.